Industry Update

Putting the AI in ITAM

In 2024, AI is transforming ITAM, with a focus on building trust. Some tools use AI to suggest changes to licenses, while others plan to make it easier to ask questions and analyse data. IT managers may assist with AI contracts, and AI’s key role is in improving cost control for the growing AI-driven cloud infrastructure.

Flexera to Acquire Snow Software

Given the growing dominance of global software players offering turnkey enterprise management solutions, will the Flexera purchase of Snow Software alter how global enterprise and public sector organisations are currently dealing with their ITAM and FinOps strategies?

Changes to IBM’s Passport Advantage Agreement – A must read for IBM Customers

The revised IPAA should be reviewed thoroughly to understand the changes IBM has made as it is going to affect all the current and prospective IBM customers both in the short and long term.

Licensing Office Professional Plus on AWS

Commencing the 1st of October 2019, License Mobility is a requirement for dedicated hosts from “Listed Providers” such as Amazon.

Reclamation! Reclamation! Reclamation!

The reclamation process can be difficult for any organisation across all industries; however this is an integral part of the software lifecycle and can help reduce overall IT spend.