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Alleviate the burden of IT renewal management, sparing you and your business from unnecessary stress and frantic pursuits. Stay consistently proactive and well-prepared, allowing ample time to address any unforeseen challenges with ease.

We pride ourselves on maintaining accurate records of our client’s software licenses, monitoring renewal deadlines, and sending timely reminders to ensure that licenses are renewed on time.

By doing this, we help you avoid potential financial, operational, or legal implications.

Staying ahead of software renewals can be daunting.

That’s why we offer software renewal support and management services to assist you in managing your software licenses.

We help optimise software usage to ensure only the necessary licenses are renewed.

This can involve analysing software usage data, recommending alternative solutions or negotiating with vendors to adjust license terms.  Throughout the software renewal process, we provide ongoing support, handling any issues or questions that may arise and acting as a liaison between you and your software vendors.

By utilising software solutions such as Flexera, ServiceNow, and Snow, we can offer a comprehensive renewals support and management service that is efficient, accurate, and reliable.

You can trust that your software licenses are being managed effectively and you are always up to date with the latest licensing requirements.

“We’re covered, whilst still reigning in our costs. We no longer feel commercially trapped.”

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Contact us today about our ISO Alignment and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in ITAM

The ISO 19770-1 certification program Certification for companies validates their ITAM practices against an established industry standard, providing assurance to customers that they are following best practices. It also demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and staying up-to date with the latest developments in ITAM.

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