Billing Validation

Many enterprises outsource all or part of IT operations management to third parties.

Often the service provider prepares a monthly bill by rolling up thousands of unit charges into a summary that needs to be validated by the customer. This a complex and labour-intensive exercise for both parties, with plenty of room for error and dispute.

The TMG Billing Solution addresses these issues.

Powered by AirTrack, it extracts data from relevant management systems and coalesces into one dataset to present a trusted, single-pane view of active and billable resource units.

The solution operates in one of two modes:

  • Service providers can use it to prepare the monthly bill, using data from the customer environment and categorising into Service Portfolio Units (SPU) based on agreed criteria
  • Customers can use the system to validate service provider charges, through a deeper understanding of what was active and billable in a given month, as well as details such as environment (production/test/dev)