Use Cases

Discover the ins and outs of ITAM through intriguing use cases.

From acing audits to fine-tuning SAM tech, these stories share the real-deal on handling challenges. Dive into the world of efficient asset management and savvy decision-making.

Hardware Asset Management (HAM) Maturity Assessment

Evaluate your organisation’s level of maturity in managing its hardware assets.

HAM Maturity Assessment will empower you and your business to make data-driven decisions, enhance your hardware asset management practices, and achieve better outcomes in terms of cost savings, risk reduction, and operational efficiency.

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Data Quality

Finance and IT Operations rely heavily on information about organisational entities – computers, people, network nodes, databases etc. – but often make decisions based on questionable data. TMG’s unique DQM services for ITAM help you get a handle on what’s actually out there, understanding which management systems can be trusted, and remediating the gaps.

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Software Asset Management (SAM) Use Cases

Managing an organisation’s software estate can be overwhelming, with complex product terms and software vendor nuances to navigate. TMG offer a range of SAM solutions to help take the complexity out of vendor management and streamline your organisation’s IT operations to drive efficiency and lower cost.


SAM Maturity Assessment

We’ll assess your ITAM practices, review your existing ITAM process documentation and provide our expertise and guidance for your success.

SAM Business Case

Justify the investment in SAM initiatives and gain support from key stakeholders within your company and see how SAM can contribute to your company’s success.

Implement /
Optimise SAM

Ensure that only reliable data sources are creating and updating data for SAM implementation and that they are expertly integrated with your day-to-day operations.

Navigate a Software Audit

Streamline hardware management, boost performance, ensure seamless compliance.

We have defended several vendor audits for our clients across key publishers, including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, VMWare, Red Hat, SAP, and Quest.

Contact us to help your organisation navigate any software audit successfully.

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Billing Validation

The TMG Billing Solution extracts data from relevant management systems and coalesces into one dataset to present a trusted, single-pane view of active and billable resource units.

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