We have been on an ITAM journey since 2006. Time is the only real measure in establishing trust, care and expertise.

Enterprise organisations have an accountability for responsible technology spend whilst remaining compliant. ITAM can achieve this, we can ensure it.

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Unlock the potential of your IT investment.

We can provide your organisation with instant access to a team of experts to oversee your ITAM system and manage your critical vendors.

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Delivering business continuity and millions in savings for a Big 4 Aussie bank

TMG drove a 300% ROI for a Big 4 Aussie Bank within 18 months from engagement, while also fostering long-term growth and resilience.

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Digital sovereignty and how this is managed in Australia

Read how digital sovereignty upholds ethical standards within the Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) sphere.

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17 years of managing technology assets counts for something

In 2006, TMG set out to redefine the technological landscape, driven by a deep-rooted commitment to creating real change.

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Managing assets is black and white

We are of the view that there should be no grey areas when managing assets. Both contractually and technically.  As some of you may have experienced, a software audit makes sure of that!  Our independence establishes trust quickly with our clients and if you really think about it, the first step in removing “grey areas” is to be clear in your supplier management. Probably not ideal getting someone to manage assets you just bought from them!  Doesn’t pass the sniff test for us.

We’re about delivering clear, consistent and unbiased advice.  We take a vendor agnostic approach, focusing solely on helping our clients optimise their asset usage, reduce risks and increase efficiency. Since 2006, we have been internationally recognised as leaders in our field, but accolades aside, it’s about protecting our clients’ interests when it comes to the way they invest and manage technology.

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You can rely on TMG for your ITAM needs. We will be your trusted advisors.



We leverage and share our insights. Let us empower your digital investments.



We commercially optimise technology to help drive success in your business.



Allow TMG to maximise value for your company, utilising our expertise in ITAM management.

“TMG’s unbiased advice and willingness to share their expertise is invaluable.”

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Latest News Articles

Changes to IBM’s Passport Advantage Agreement – A must read for IBM Customers

The revised IPAA should be reviewed thoroughly to understand the changes IBM has made as it is going to affect all the current and prospective IBM customers both in the short and long term.

Licensing Office Professional Plus on AWS

Commencing the 1st of October 2019, License Mobility is a requirement for dedicated hosts from “Listed Providers” such as Amazon.

Reclamation! Reclamation! Reclamation!

The reclamation process can be difficult for any organisation across all industries; however this is an integral part of the software lifecycle and can help reduce overall IT spend.

Contact us today about our ISO Alignment and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in ITAM

The ISO 19770-1 certification program Certification for companies validates their ITAM practices against an established industry standard, providing assurance to customers that they are following best practices. It also demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and staying up-to date with the latest developments in ITAM.

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