Delivering business continuity and millions in savings for a Big 4 Aussie Bank

At a Glance

IT asset management was performed piece-meal by multiple teams across the business. To address this the Bank set out to build a centralised ITAM capability from the ground up, engaging TMG to implement new ITAM and data quality solutions. TMG partnered with AirTrack and Flexera Software to drive a 300% ROI for the Bank within 18 months of implementation.

The Challenge

The Bank was getting blindsided by incomplete and inaccurate inventory data. The project involved 14 management technologies and ~90,000 end-points. In such a complex environment it was challenging to get a current and consolidated view of the total IT estate. Harnessing AirTrack, TMG found 11% of end-user computers missing from SCCM. 10% of servers were not available to ITAM inventory, and 15% of Unix / Linux machines were unmanaged. These gaps meant the Bank could not effectively measure license compliance, patch, nor deploy or harvest software.

The Solution

TMG steered the Bank through a swift six-month implementation which continues to return incremental value The Bank engaged TMG to implement Flexera for ITAM and AirTrack for data quality. AirTrack was a key differentiator for the Bank when reviewing RFP responses: TMG was the only vendor with a solution for IT asset data quality.

TMG ensured data quality was front and centre with a dedicated project stream. They met with upstream system owners to understand sources of truth and expected coverage, and the findings were then fed into the AirTrack rules engine to ensure the data matched reality; a crucial element of establishing trust amongst sceptical System Administrators. As a result, AirTrack quickly proved its worth to the IT Asset Management team, and has since expanded its footprint: Security now rely on AirTrack to target vulnerability scanning, and uses AirTrack reporting to enhance confidence at the board level.

Today, the ITAM Team continues to use AirTrack to improve inventory coverage. Four additional departments are using the solution to inform business decisions, and the Bank continues to find innovative and sometimes surprising ways to harness the power of AirTrack.

“…What would take many days, sometimes weeks, of heavy-lifting data gathering, and crunching, as a repetitive process, AirTrack does automatically in minutes…” IT Asset Manager
“TMG showed a very good understanding of the ecosystem that we operate in and understanding of the environment. The team are extremely focused on client success rather than scope of service or pedantic details. They really do want to try and get a successful outcome for the customer and achieve our objectives” –IT Asset Manager
The Results

Millions saved and agile business continuity planning From the start, TMG engaged the Bank in a series of workshops, as opposed to sales pitches, demonstrating a deep understanding of the business environment and requirements. TMG was the only player who identified data quality as critical to success, and provided a solution in AirTrack. Over the first 18 months of the contract, there has been steady growth in departmental adoptions, improving the Bank’s agility.

The full benefit of the implementation was perhaps best experienced during the 2020 pandemic when businesses were forced to pivot to working-from-home almost overnight. AirTrack enabled the ITAM team to quickly identify users who needed upgrades to Security or VPN software to support WfH. Instead of an onslaught of panicked tickets, the ITAM team were able to proactively run reports and deliver an upgrade strategy – ensuring business continuity in a truly

The Bank saw 200% ROI in the first six months, 300% in the first 18 months, managing 87,700 devices.

About TMG

TMG is Australia’s most significant independent Technology Asset Management (TAM) service provider, offering critical operational, advisory, technical and commercial services to their large enterprise clients – many of whom span the globe. Their independence (from software vendors) and focus on asset management makes them a trusted advisor and customer advocate.

TMG’s TAM framework is a solid foundation for managing all technology assets, including the ever-expanding public / private cloud ecosystem. Their integrated solutions deliver actionable insights to support cloud migrations, predictive cost analysis and right-sizing opportunities, focusing on reducing risk and optimising technology spend.