Our People

The TMG team of experienced professionals is renowned for their pragmatic approach and successful track record in serving a diverse range of enterprise clients, including Fortune 500 companies.

Through their extensive experience, they have gained an intimate understanding of the business landscape and the distinct challenges that various organisations encounter.

Moreover, our diverse hiring practices provide our team with access to a broad spectrum of expertise, while their meticulous attention to detail enables them to address even the most intricate client requirements.  Consequently, our staff can provide exceptional service and deliver superior client results.

TMG’s consistent recognition in the industry and growth over the years is a testament to its commitment to excellence and delivering tangible returns to its clients.

Advisory Board Members

John Ansley

Advisory Board Member

Jo Willoughby

Advisory Board Member

Paul Fielding

Advisory Board Member

Meet the Senior Leadership Team

Fulvio Inserra

CEO & Managing Director

Gail Thorpe

People and Culture Manager

Steve Shaw

Director of Sales

Greg Misso

Head of SAM Operations

Balaji Janardhanan

Head of Technical Operations

Keiren Tilbrook

Head of Analysis and Design

Anurag Mittal

Director of Solutions and Services