We bring our expertise in managing intricate publishers like Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle to the forefront.

Stay ahead of the curve with our up-to-date insights into the latest licensing changes and rules. Our commitment is to share this knowledge and support your SAM practices, ensuring a seamless and informed approach to navigating the complexities of these key industry players.

We offer invaluable support in optimising your organisation’s Microsoft estate, aiding you in comprehending the diverse licensing options and programs at your disposal. Specialising in the intricate details of these licensing models, we provide you with expert guidance to ensure both compliance and cost efficiency. By vigilantly monitoring and tracking license usage, we can help your organisation steer clear of penalties or fines resulting from non-compliance. Streamlining Microsoft licensing management, maximising investments, and prioritising core operations are all part of TMG’s commitment to assisting organisations effectively.

In the realm of Oracle licensing, we assume a pivotal role due to the complexity and potential financial risks. With Oracle’s intricate licensing rules and metrics—encompassing processor cores, named users, and options—accurately tracking and optimising license usage becomes a formidable challenge. Armed with expertise in comprehending and interpreting these rules, we can ensure compliance while minimising your costs. From inventory management to license optimisation and strategic planning, our involvement aids organisations in sidestepping over-purchasing pitfalls and penalties for non-compliance. With a wealth of knowledge, we will facilitate efficient license management, substantial cost savings, and a sense of security for businesses utilising Oracle software.

When it comes to managing IBM licensing, we play a vital role, recognising the complexity that often requires a deep understanding and expertise. Navigating the intricacies and nuances of IBM licensing, we assist in identifying and emphasising compliance and cost optimisation initiatives and recommendations. This, in turn, liberates internal resources, enabling your organisation to concentrate on its core business activities. Leveraging its licensing knowledge and experience, we will recommend optimal licensing models based on IBM product terms, ultimately reducing costs and maximising value for the organisation.

Other publishers we work with: