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Expert oversight for your organisation’s IT assets and software licenses to optimise costs, streamline processes, and ensure compliance.

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Software Asset Management

Save costs and ensure compliance with well-maintained SAM practices.

Are you aware of the resources needed to keep your SAM specialist updated on crucial vendor license changes? Industry experts recommend they spend 10-20% of their time staying current with license changes.

We provide instant access to a team of experts to oversee your ITAM system and manage critical vendors, so you don’t have to.

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Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS)

Enhance accuracy and reliability for informed decisions.

We offer a comprehensive solution that helps you ensure your company’s data accuracy, consistency, and completeness, allowing you to make better-informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.

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Hardware Asset Management

Streamline hardware management, boost performance, ensure seamless compliance.

Inefficient hardware tracking? Resolve this with integrated HAM systems, compliance assurance, and elevated security for optimal asset management.

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Renewals Management

We will handle your renewals, so you can focus on strategy.

Experience a proactive software renewal support and management service that is efficient, accurate, and reliable. Our clients can trust that their software licenses are being managed effectively and that they are always up to date with the latest licensing requirements.

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Our certified and dedicated team is trusted by Tier 1 vendors

We offer flexibility to suit your organisation’s needs. With experience managing ITAM services for Tier 1 vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle, we have successfully onboarded over 30 unique software vendors and are managing over $50 million in spending. Our dedicated and certified professionals bring industry expertise and remain committed to you for the long term.

How we’ve helped our managed services clients:

Complex Vendor Audits

Defended several vendor audits across key publishers, including IBM, VMWare, SAP, and Quest.

Reduced Business Spend

Average savings of over 20% of budgeted M365 spend for customers through usage data analysis and user profiling.

Consolidation and Optimisation

Assisted clients in saving over 80% of the estimated extended support bill for Red Hat and Microsoft by consolidating deployments and optimising license allocation.

Streamlined Processes

Identified an average of 50% savings on license costs for planned like-to-like cloud migrations across critical publishers such as Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM.

Licensing and Renewals Management

Processed over 250 software agreement renewals per annum on behalf of customers.

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Contact us today about our ISO Alignment and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in ITAM

The ISO 19770-1 certification program Certification for companies validates their ITAM practices against an established industry standard, providing assurance to customers that they are following best practices. It also demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and staying up-to date with the latest developments in ITAM.

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