Flexera to Acquire Snow Software

Given the growing dominance of global software players offering turnkey enterprise management solutions, will the Flexera purchase of Snow Software alter how global enterprise and public sector organisations are currently dealing with their ITAM and FinOps strategies?

Do the ITAM and FinOps disciplines deserve their own stage or platform in the enterprise technology ecosystem when there’s a mad rush to continue to rationalise systems as cost pressures continue to drive decisions?  If so, then Flexera will need to do much more to further improve and simplify how their newly combined solutions will consume the required commercial and technical information organisations must rely on to accurately report compliance and to identify quantifiable opportunities to optimise their technology spend.

All in one enterprise solutions certainly provide convenience by having everything in the one platform as they continue to encroach on the lucrative ITAM and FinOps space and close the gap of what Flexera and Snow have to offer. The question though is whether the union of Flexera and Snow provides an ideal opportunity to rethink organisational strategies with respect to ITAM and FinOps.

Although more is to play out in this space, if Flexera successfully completes the transaction with Snow Software, then it will need to move quickly to establish key strategic alliances with other industry players and influencers in order to provide an enterprise grade offering that comes anywhere close to what ServiceNow is able to provide.  For example, the lack of a Hardware Asset Management and the broader Service Management framework are glaringly obvious.

TMG respects and understands that organisations will have differing ITAM and FinOps strategies (and some may still be working that out).  Given we are established and proud partners of all 3 vendors, it will not be a one size fits all solution.  There will be pros and cons either way depending on requirements (both commercially and architecturally).

We welcome open dialogue regarding this important development and would be interested in people’s views as to whether this new union shifts the needle in enterprise strategic thinking or not.  With 16 years of ITAM expertise, we are willing and able to assist in formulating and implementing an ITAM and FinOps strategy that will provide the expected ROI enterprises are demanding.

Please reach out to us for any questions. You can email us at info@tmg100.com